December 8th, 2022: Still well on our way! This website is a work in progress. Thank you for visiting! À la prochaine~


ALL ABOUT THE BOY (feat. The furry boys)

Oh my god, where am I even supposed to start?

Well hello there!

It's nice of you to take some interest in this little hole I'm starting to call home. I'm Solitaire (he/they/whatever) and I'm in my mid-20's. Being born in 1998, I grew up on the tail end of the golden age of the web. Barely seeing any of the blocky era of computing and quickly moving towards the beautiful era of Frutiger Aero, I've ever since grown fascinated by the basic yet everlasting appeal of the old days, when gif files were just a way to show images and the hottest thing to share around were badges and clipart. Not to mention, people didn't go on the internet to be assaulted with endless streams of information, pick fights with strangers and be exposed to god knows what abomination concocted by some weirdo with a moral sense more broken than Windows ME.

I've taken interest in Neocities once I first laid eyes on it, its appeal always was undeniable, especially considering it is the child of Geocities. All these whimsical websites where people don't have to pretend to be better than everyone, where you can simply sit in the shade and be yourself in a truly honest, intimate and innocent way. As things like Facebook and Twitter continue to leave a bad taste in my mouth everytime I find myself doomscrolling for hours on end and being overwhelmed with information, opinions, think-pieces and disinformation, I've decided to try my hand at coding and finally settle down into a nice community of hand-built homes, shelters, little havens where people can just do what they wish to do, and those who enjoy what they have to offer simply follow. In a world where the one thing we can't live without grows increasingly hostile and misleading, I feel like it's not such a bad thing to build myself a retreat to get away from it all. And it comes with a free hobby too! Would ya look at that.



Hazel, my fursonaHazel but as a bean

This is Hazel! He's an Aussie Collie mix and a very good boy! This is my first real fursona. I've been a furry ever since my early/mid teens, but before Hazel I didn't have any proper sona, or so I thought. I first learned about the furry community through pokémon, which at first I had no proper interest in because card games of that kind don't interest me. But the show was nice, and the Tumblr community even nicer, so before I even knew, I had taken interest in a specific pokémon that would become my flagship icon on the internet. Still to this day, I use that pokésona to chill about in the furry community. Enter... :


BuellAlso BuellBuell and Jazz Blue

This right here bums and mums is the real deal. My first sona, I've gone through a lot with this feller. I've taught myself how to draw and paid money just for this little guy to exist. As the years have gone by, I began to develop a certain narrative behind him and then all of my sonas. Because what's an OC without lore? Well I guess it's still an OC but just kinda lifeless. But anyway. The whole story surrounding him is that he's a robot! Not only that, but the AI controlling him can also take control of other machines, therefore all my sonas are robotic shells controlled by this being. For that entity, switching bodies is just as simple as switching wardrobes, if only a little more time consuming. I'm very slowly developping a large lore that goes more in depth because I've always found Androids and artificial life to be super cool in a cyberpunk kinda sense. Perhaps one day I'll write a book about it.

what else is there to know about me? Well perhaps you'd like to know what kind of music I like. It's a broad range! I enjoy listening to many genres and I don't like to restrict myself to a few. Mainly though, I tend to gravitate towards things such as Jazz, Progressive and the like. I love musicians that try to push boundaries and attempt new things. I also enjoy more niche things, like Barber Beats, Lounge Beats and the like. But really, ask me about any genre and I could probably at least name you a band. Jack of All Trades, Master Of None, they say. I'll speak more about my musical interests in a page dedicated to it!

Website developed with the help of Neocities, W3schools,, This project is entirely open source and its code is available to you if you so desire. If you, for some reason, decided to read all of this, you are cursed to know that you're a huge stinker and you stink so bad pew pew little loser lmaoo get out of here. I love u owo